Alpek Bike - E-bikes designed by bikers for bikers



We have our e-bikes first of all for ourselves, to meet our needs, and then to meet the demands of the cyclists we deal with every day: to have a pedal-assisted bicycle capable of tackling mountain routes. more demanding with agility and endurance, an electric mtb for trekking, cross country or enduro, but also a comfortable and practical vehicle for everyday urban travel or for cycling with family and friends in the end.

The Alpek Bike model range fulfills your desire for movement, whatever it may be.


To make a great bike, you don't need famous designers, big names in business or in sports world who have little or nothing to do with bikes. Our idea is that a great bike is born from those who have a passion for this vehicle, for the lifestyle that derives from it and for all its sporting facets.

At Alpek Bike we believe that to make a great bike, whether it is muscular or electric, for city or for the mountains, you have to ride on it for days, collect feedback from those who use them and transform these feedbacks into new ideas to improve and always carry a step, or rather a wheel, forward.

The direct relationship with customers, who are also our riding companions, is fundamental for us.

E-bikes made in Italy

We design and assemble our bicycles in Bosconero, Piedmont (Italy). We combine our frames with as many exclusive components as possible.

Direct line

We are committed to offering a direct line with our customers, in order to respond to all their needs, and welcome their feedback.

A complete range

We offer a complete range of e-bikes for all uses, with a particular focus on cycle tourism, on the hardtail and enduro sector.


Our main goal is to combine the frames we design with only high quality components tested and experienced over the kilometers traveled by us and our trusted bikers.

If there is one thing that compensates for all the flaws that we Italians are often accused of (even with good reason) it is the passion and energy we put into the projects we care about, the search for durable and innovative solutions and high quality craftsmanship of our work. Passion, energy, research and quality are the cardinal points of Alpek Bike.

In our path we try to expand collaborations with suppliers of excellence, to offer our customers more and more performing models and a wider choice of pedelec bicycles, with particular attention to what concerns the real needs of those who choose to buy an e- bike, instead of following only the fashions of the market.